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October 5, 2011

Notes about Notes

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We recently took down our summer display of  sketchbooks, notebooks and workbooks in the lowercase reading room. These books contained writing, sketches and reflections as unique as the owners themselves. Here’s a quick review of a few books from the show, in case you didn’t get to see it.

This little school journal was from 1978, containing the precious and humorous thoughts of a seven-year-old boy. I found this particular page quite funny. It says,

“Dr. Glasglow showed us a slideshow. When children are 7 they lose their teeth. I should always brush my teeth”.

A few of the sketchbooks and diaries contained glued-in objects, keepsakes, recipes, and photos. Some items were collected for sources of inspiration and others were keepsakes from personal life events. The page above is from Lisa Cinar’s diary. She humorously stapled an old nose ring to the side of a page, as “a reminder of man’s cruelty”.

The page above is from Rebecca Dolen’s sketchbook. This book contained creative and humorous illustrations, mini-stories and ideas for projects. Some of the books and cards at the Regional Assembly of Text can be traced back to the pages of this sketchbook. It was fun to get a look into her creative process.

“Bringing to my attention” is a page from Allison Chamber’s sketchbook. This one scan doesn’t do justice to the dozens of beautiful paintings, portraits and bits of text that were in there. The pages in her book were thick and heavy, so that they could be painted on without any tearing or curling.

Owen Plummer’s sketchbook contained dozens of intricate black ink drawings, like the one above. Owen’s invented creatures and designs are all unique from each other, and yet treated with the same energy and attention to composition, detail and line quality. As a result, I found his sketchbook to be quite captivating.

This is only a small sampling of many great findings in the sketchbook show. Thanks to all the individuals who participated in the show!


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