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April 4, 2012

Check out these books in the Reading Room!

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& they all fell down
is a zine by A. Cassidy. It is one of ten and is the first zine she has made. After talking to her in store she mentioned that each of the 10 zines are hand drawn, each slightly different from each other, purely due to this hand drawn aspect. The inside cover has an intricate and beautiful illustration and the overall zine conveys a sense of whimsy and delicacy.

C.A. Hiley has three little books in the Reading Room, each hand drawn and hand printed. Each book is from an edition of 40-50 and are printed in 3-5 colours. The three titles are In The Silks, On the Trapeze, and Rope, all focusing on a different form of acrobatics. The illustrations are simple but stunning and the use of spot colour is extremely successful.

The Secret Order of Space, Time & Circumstance: No. 1 Circumstantial Evidence
is an edition of 20 zines. This entire zine is cleanly printed and very crisp looking. The imagery is simply, but there is a lot of it, filling the pages well. I really like the simple colour pallet of this zine and the paper choice is well thought through.

Oh, Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me: Connecting The Dots To The Death of Orion
by Mimi Li (2011) is an aesthetically pleasing zine containing illustrations from various sources dating back between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. Each page has a hand-sewn constellation in red thread over a red and black image and text, printed on cream paper. The zine is beautifully bound using the same red thread.


March 15, 2012

Interview with Broken Pencil

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These photos are from an interview with Broken Pencil by Melissa Luk.
Check it out here: http://www.brokenpencil.com/news/the-vancouver-chronicles-assembly

February 16, 2012

New Additions to the Reading Room

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First up:
God Mad, Good Grub
by Daniel Penn (dansgoodgrub.blogspot.com)
Not only does Dan’s publication include numerous tasty recipes, but it also comes with it’s very own soundtrack to give readers (and listeners) a taste of the experience Dan had as a Canadian cooking in Copenhagen.
Along with the recipes, there are photographs of the food – showing just how delicious everything looks. The fact that each recipe has been hand written speaks to the hands on process of cooking and really works with the aesthetic of the book.
One of the recipes that looked especially appealing was the Pinwheel Cookies.
Here’s a look at the recipe:







Next up:
Anne Emberline’s Pinch: a tiny zine of tiny stories
This publication packs quite the punch for such a little zine. As the title states, it includes five short stories that Anne has written. Each story is different from the previous and each deal with different characters and scenarios. The content is mainly written, with small illustrations scattered throughout its 14 pages.
Here’s a look at the cover image:








Third in line is:
Portrait Service Presents: Kevin Pan
by Jimmy Liang and Dominic Giasson-Garcia
This specific zine is just one of the zines from their on-going series. Each Portrait Service presents someone new to the readers; this issue features Kevin Pan.
The zine contains stats and facts on Kevin as well as questions and answers about his personal interests. Each issue of this series is always comical and sometimes pokes fun at the featured someone.
The guys’ Portrait Services provide a fun way to get to know people I may or may not have already met.
Take a look at Kevin Pan’s Portrait Service:








Last, but not at all least:
Christie Lim’s wallet book titled F.S.
This is one of my favourite books. Christie has hand made a wallet along with all of it’s contents, to create a one of a kind work of art. Each item within the wallet has been hand printed to look almost exactly like the original item.
The wallet includes:
– bus pass
– library card
– classy cats membership card
– doodles on scrap paper
– photos of “Boo” the cat
– hair sample from Boo’s first trim
– to-do lists
– coupons
– a recipe card
– fortune cookie paper
– pouch of carrot seeds
– letter to mom
– appointment card
– library receipt
– used bingo sheet
– explanation card
Come check out Christie’s book in the Reading Room to closely inspect each and every awesome part.

October 5, 2011

Notes about Notes

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We recently took down our summer display of  sketchbooks, notebooks and workbooks in the lowercase reading room. These books contained writing, sketches and reflections as unique as the owners themselves. Here’s a quick review of a few books from the show, in case you didn’t get to see it.

This little school journal was from 1978, containing the precious and humorous thoughts of a seven-year-old boy. I found this particular page quite funny. It says,

“Dr. Glasglow showed us a slideshow. When children are 7 they lose their teeth. I should always brush my teeth”.

A few of the sketchbooks and diaries contained glued-in objects, keepsakes, recipes, and photos. Some items were collected for sources of inspiration and others were keepsakes from personal life events. The page above is from Lisa Cinar’s diary. She humorously stapled an old nose ring to the side of a page, as “a reminder of man’s cruelty”.

The page above is from Rebecca Dolen’s sketchbook. This book contained creative and humorous illustrations, mini-stories and ideas for projects. Some of the books and cards at the Regional Assembly of Text can be traced back to the pages of this sketchbook. It was fun to get a look into her creative process.

“Bringing to my attention” is a page from Allison Chamber’s sketchbook. This one scan doesn’t do justice to the dozens of beautiful paintings, portraits and bits of text that were in there. The pages in her book were thick and heavy, so that they could be painted on without any tearing or curling.

Owen Plummer’s sketchbook contained dozens of intricate black ink drawings, like the one above. Owen’s invented creatures and designs are all unique from each other, and yet treated with the same energy and attention to composition, detail and line quality. As a result, I found his sketchbook to be quite captivating.

This is only a small sampling of many great findings in the sketchbook show. Thanks to all the individuals who participated in the show!

February 28, 2011

New Show in the Reading Room!

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We receive so many beautiful donations wrapped up in wonderful mail art that we decided to

make a show of the books with their wrappings. Come check it out!

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